Bible Study

Why come to Sunday morning Bible Study?

It’s important to come because it’s primary purpose is Christian Education. You come to learn about God (Jesus Christ), His Word (Jesus Christ) and His will for each individual’s life. In studying Scriptures you come to realize and understand that the Bible is the Christian’s “manual or handbook” for life. In the gathering together of believers you also get to interact with one another and to share in the joy, burdens and trials of life.

Another very important aspect of Christian education through the study of Scriptures is to come to the realization of the true meaning and purpose of our lives and what really awaits each person beyond this earthly life……… the writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us, “all is vanity of vanities without God”.

My final thought would be that coming to Sunday Bible Study would also be a challenge for every believer to then search Scriptures for themselves during the week and to deepen more and more their personal relationship with the God of the Scriptures.

God bless you.